3 Ways You Can Prevent Someone From Suicide?

3 Ways You Can Prevent Someone From Suicide?
Suicide! Suicide! Suicide! Say it out loud. Talk about it. Make people aware about it because it’s one big issue that we all have been taking lightly for a long time now. I’ve been into Netflix for a month now and just watched a much talked series “13 reasons why?”. I won’t be talking much about the story-line but the psychological aspect revolves around a girl who felt so low, she ended her life. Since then I’ve been looking for little signs in my peer group. Whether they are facing these circumstances or not. Whether they are suicidal or not. Whether or not they are being harassed or bullied in any way. In today’s tech-savvy world, harassment has taken up a pace and different forms. We wouldn’t even realize when and how are we being a part of this vicious circle of harassment. The victim or the depressed may not want or seek help but that doesn’t mean help isn’t wanted. Help, at all times has to be given under proper guidance and therapies. The person may not speak up clearly about his or her problems but they definitely give signs and it’s up to us on how do we decipher those signs.
Today we’d be talking about how can we prevent or the least we can do is trying to prevent someone from taking their lives aka committing suicide.

1. Speak it up:

If you are worried about a person who you think may be suicidal or is depressed, go straight away and talk. It’s better to tell them that you care. I know it’s bizarre asking someone whether they are depressed or about to die but it’s better to ask and save lives right?

2. Know how to deal:

It is advised to act smart. Never ever, in any case, leave the victim alone. You never know when they are going to end up their life. Call local authorities, and ambulance and everyone else who is responsible. But don’t leave them alone.

3. Offer help:

Tell them you care. Tell them you are there for them. Tell them, it’s normal and it will all be fine and the best thing you can offer a suicidal person is a listening ear. It takes a lot of courage to help someone who is suicidal.

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