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Why Is Reading To Bed So Important? Must Know!

Written by Aaliya Rahman


Reading is a conversation. All books talk. But a good book listens as well
_Mark Haddon
Love reading? Books, indeed are your best friends. They help you in ways you couldn’t have imagined being helped by others. But hold on, did I ever tell you how does it help before a night nap? No??  Well, its time we discuss about it in todays article that books can really help you grow no matter when you are reading it. Being an avid reader, you must remember that a book to bed is productive and helps you get a good night sleep by distracting your brain from the stress that is killing it and a sound sleep is welcomed with open arms. Your daily ritual of reading at bed can improve your mental health and well-being. Let’s begin with the five things that will happen once you develop a habit of being a book lover and reading it to bed. Wait! I’m not talking about mid-night fairy tales here, okay?

1. Improved mental health:

As I mentioned, it helps your brain to grow without you creating a fuss over working upon it. It’s a gradual process of course but it will show it’s effects with time and you will know that. Readers who are habitual of this, will show better results in tests of cognitive functioning than those who don’t regularly read.  So in order to being called smart, aware etc, read till you sleep.

Beautiful young brunette reading a book before going to sleep.

2. A stress breaker:

This is a very clear indication of the fact that reading diverts your mind from things that cause you trouble or distorts your mental peace. If you aren’t among the readers, your stress will overtake your sleep by constantly interfering between your efforts to sleep and that’ll show on your face. You’ll be grumpier my dear.

3. Enhances your sleep:

Reading to bed does wonders if we start listing it. if you take a book with you on the bed, you’ll be eventually prepared to sleep. Your body will know, it’s time to actually stop thinking and doze off. This helps in enhancing your sleep and letting your body do the repair work without adding more stress to its list.

4. Improves your empathy:

Many people forgo their emotional intelligence taking it on a lighter note. They think, it’s not that important or that they’ll sound cool flaunting they don’t feel anything at all. Reading comes as a rescue because it’s important to have emotions. It’ll let you understand the world or yourself better with the perspective of someone who has more experience and knowledge about the subject. It’ll help your relationships to become strong because you would be able to understand and listen to what their part is.

5.  Reduces cortisol levels:

Cortisol helps to rouse people from sleep in the morning, and also helps them address and overcome acute stress. But it can begin to wreak havoc on the body when it remains at high levels, as the result of chronic stress leading to weight gain, gastrointestinal problems, depression and chronic fatigue. Reading before bed can help to lower the body’s cortisol levels by reducing stress.

To be precise, reading has always done good. It’s better to read a book than reading on a device because they cause harm to your eyes.

Be safe. Ciao!

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