Did you know these Internet Slangs?

Did you know these Internet Slangs?

The world of internet has no expiry, it modifies every day and every minute. Before diving into its world, you need preparation. How aware are you of the internet slang, would you be scratching your head or go to google for every short form you come across? Well, we bring you the solution. Read this space to find all the viral short forms and you can thank us later.

SMH: Shaking my head

DGMW: Don’t Get Me Wrong

HF: Have Fun

EOD: End of Discussion

WTH: What The Hell

EOD: End of Day

IDC: I Don’t Care

IDK: I Don’t Know

JK: Just Kidding

JC: Just Checking

NSFW: Not Safe For Work

SFW: Safe For Work

NC: No Comment

BD/NBD: Big Deal / No Big Deal

TBH: To Be Honest

TBT: Throw Back Thursday

ONM: On My Way

OTL: Out To Lunch

LMAO: Laughing My Ass Off

ROFL: Roll On Floor Laughing

BRB: Be Right Back

TTYL: Talk To You Later

IKR: I Know Right

FYI: For Your Information

NM: Nothing Much

OOTD: Outfit Of The Day

POTD: Photo Of The Day

PDA: Public Display of Affection

QOTD: Quote Of The Day


There you go! Happy chatting! 

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