Things You Miss When You Are Away From Home

Things You Miss When You Are Away From Home
To begin with, let us all ask this one question to ourselves, what is the first thing you miss when you are far from home? This festive season, when everybody is coming to their homes for Diwali or Chhat, there still are children who couldn’t make it this time. There are mothers who are equally unhappy for not being able to see their kid’s face when the joyous overflow is all around the corner. It hurts a lot no matter how old you grow or how independent you become. Indian festivals have a great charm and power that makes one miss home badly. The sweets, the decorations, the puja, the rituals, the dressed up girls and boys, the finger-licking food, the vibes in general, everything is special. Today we’d be talking about what are the little things we miss when we are away from home. It’s not a festive article but a general idea of why our heart lies at home.


1. Mom:

First thing first, mother. The source of our life and the source of everything we have in life. Home isn’t home if mom isn’t home. Quite confusing and cliché but yeah that’s how it is. The first thing you think about when you are returning from a vacation or ‘on a vacation’, is mom. You definitely can’t put her on number two. She’s the one who actually cares about your mental and physical health.

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2. Food:

The second most important thing is food, of course. We all have eaten hot barbecue roast chicken at a high-end restaurant but when it comes to home-made food, we just can’t say ‘no thank you!’.

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3. Home and surrounding:

What I mean is, the vibes you get when you are home. It says you belong here, to this place. It says nothing can go wrong, you are always safe. It makes you believe that no matter how unapologetic you become, you will be forgiven. You will be given a chance to prove yourself unlike the cruel world out there.

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4. School:

I won’t talk about my school days but people around me definitely miss the good old days. The building, the corridor, the premises, the classrooms, the washrooms that has seen so many cries, the sports room that has given talents a rise, the ground, the canteen, the first love, the crush on teachers, the pending home works, the punishments, the excuses of not being in proper uniform, the assemblies, the stolen lunch boxes, the stolen pens, pencils and what not.

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5. The hangout spot:

Aka ‘adda’ in Hindi. We all have that one spot in our colony that has been the venue for most mischievous acts. When reunion happens, we do discuss about that particular place. And it is also one of the places that has seen many incomplete love stories and roadside Romeos and Juliets (kept hidden of course).

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6. Tv:

Tech-savvy world eh? But we do miss our old idiot-box. We do miss how we used to switch it on while using the cell phone so as to not feel alone. It really was a source of relaxation for mothers to work on themselves while their kids watch the TV and how mellifluously it has been replaced by the cellphones though. Rest in peace TV!

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7. Family hangouts:

Family hangouts be the best. You get to know the other side of your parents like their comic side, their ‘free-soul’ side, their ‘irresponsible but responsible at the same time’ side, their ‘no tension from workplace’ side and more to count.

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8. Sibling moments:

How can I not mention the problem of my life. Siblings, yeah! They are the reason of your problems but also the reason of your happiness. You just don’t wanna see their face but your day isn’t complete without their interference. And that’s what we call ‘siblings love’.

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9. Roadside Romeos and Juliets:

Let’s talk about the incomplete love stories that have been very intimate. We all have those memories of how we stalked someone around our home and unable to confess what we feel. So immature of us! But that’s how things were and now moving to college, we’ve got the courage to speak our heart out but the interest has shifted. Although we do miss those cute moments right?

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10. The extremely sarcastic father:

Okay! Okay! Bad thing to mention but that’s what reality is. We figure out something is not right when dad isn’t being sarcastic. We may not reveal our admiration for him as how we do in case of mothers but we do know that he’s one such person who lives for us and will die for us. And of course, money!

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