Things That Change On Growing Up

Things That Change On Growing Up
Growing up. A tough process, and of course a great deal. But growing up and killing the child in you, are entirely different aspects of a story. Well, life is unpredictable and knowing how to deal with the problem it throws is a must. I’m not talking about being independent financially but moreover, about what and when to do when time demands. Knowing how to respond to situations that need one’s utmost attention and responsibility is called growing up. When I was a 5-year old, I didn’t know how to deal with loneliness but now I find peace in solitude. Well, that doesn’t mean I am an introvert, an extrovert rather; who diffuses with people just like any other girl. There are situations when I would stop taking responsibilities to enjoy myself but that doesn’t mean I would completely turn them off my shoulders and forget about them. To know how to enjoy and still be able to take responsibilities is actually a perfect grown-up.

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Today we’d be talking about the things that change as we grow up into adults or maybe grow up into responsible adults. To note: these are basically the points and signs of responsible adults and not those who still kill their parents’ peace of mind.Other than the physical changes of your body like growing belly fat (on a funny note), there are some abstract changes that you might not notice but people around you do.

1. You ignore drama:

And mostly avoid it. You don’t want to indulge in daily drama because you’ve been into such situations and now you know they aren’t productive for you. The only thing they cause is trouble and distortion of your inner peace. There are some times when you have to end serious relationships, you will understand that some quibbles were necessary and some lessons are for life.

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2. You become callous:

It’s good in certain situations because a lot of times people just run into you and make you feel bad about your skin, body, attitude, nature, personality and much more to count. So when you grow up and attain this trait of being callous, you in a way, protect your mental stability and peace.

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3. You know your worth:

As a child I have always felt that I’m not good in anything but with time and certain realisations, I’ve got to know that am second to none. That happens when you know your worth, and that happens with time. You understand that your say has a place and that, you shouldn’t be speaking all the time. ‘Speak when asked’ is what you will follow.

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4. You become choosy:

Don’t settle for less and why should anybody be? This isn’t an attitude that most people consider positive but I do believe that when you know your worth, your become picky and that’s a good thing. Not something everybody would approve of but who cares, right? Why do we care?

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5. You become caring and responsible:

When you grow up, you realise that there are problems in everybody’s life and you can’t walk in their shoes. You try to understand things that were once tough for you to even think about. Growing up teaches you that the other person is also suffering and has suffered once, everyone has lost something and they are all broken from within so you become a good listener when and where needed.

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