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Who am I? A Mess

eyes and lips
Written by Tabish Alam

This is a beautiful write up by Fatma Rahman


I am a mess, a careless mess. The floor is my absolute love, to maintain I keep tripping over things, falling and then get up embarrassed but it’s all a part. Embarrassment is attached to me just the way I get attached to people, people who probably don’t deserve it But I am a mess of hopelessness.

Love? Love is just too messed up, I don’t even know if it exists or maybe does but I am a just a confused mess with a lot of ‘maybes’. I wish these maybes turn into confident yes/no in the near future.

I am mess because I expect a bit too much, get hurt and then do the Same again. Overthinking is my favourite hobby that has helped become a better mess.

I am probably a movie that has loops that end abruptly or a tv drama that leads to weird turns or a poem that doesn’t rhyme. But the words of my poetry attracts you even if you don’t get them.


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