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We Don’t Remember Days, We Remember moments

Written by Komal
No matter how much you think you hate school, you will always miss it when you leave.

” Why you always get up so late? You may miss your school bus..? What do you want in your lunch in today.?” A particular set of words for every morning by your Mom. We grew up listening to these words. Then it was a torture but now we actually miss it. Summer Vacations are over and the children are back to school. The first thing we had after our vacations was our scary exams. After a wonderful vacation at home, now it was time to face exams. We tried to escape from these exams, but eventually we had to face it. That scary night before exams, the morning assembly where the summary of the story was discussed rather than the morning prayer or the last minute revision everything was an important part of our life.

Today we may laugh at those memories but them it was the most dangerous part of our lives.

Lets get back to those awkward days in schools during exams:

  • When a student from a different section of your class comes to inform your class that Question Number 5 has a problem and the respected teacher has changed it, but then you have already attempted that question.
  • The biggest achievement was the number of answer sheets you used. Bigger the number, higher the confidence. No matter what you wrote in those sheets, what matters was the numbers.
  • The best argument after Maths exam, ” What was the actual answer 0.35 or 0.45?” But your answer was 3500.
  • Those particular signs of True and False. The eyes blink meant True while touching your nose meant False.
  • When you see people using rulers and you have completely no idea where the ruler is to be used.

Dedicated to everyone who miss their school days.

Time passes but memories stays. Today our lives are busy in presentations, dead line, demand, supply and many other stuffs. But those memories brings a smile on your face. The most important is to enjoy your life.


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