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Things To Worry About, If You Have A Working Mother.

Written by Aaliya Rahman

In the previous article, we talked about the advantage of working mothers. How working mothers help her family in every way is remarkable. But with positivities, some negativities too come handy. In a family, a working mother goes through a lot of problems indeed but it isn’t that the child is always cooperative. Sometimes, its tough to balance the personal and professional life and in the midst of that, certain problems prevail. We’ll be talking about them today. Let’s begin.

1. Tiredness:

Tiredness does not let the woman have an eye on her kids and this way kids may remain aloof for the whole day. Thus affecting the family life badly.After working for 10 hours continuously in office creates fatigue and tiredness. The activeness vanishes the moment mother reaches home. This affects the whole family, including children, husband and the others in case of joint family.

2. Health issues may arise:

If the mother becomes ill, the kids and the husband both are affected and this creates tension in one’s life. A working mother has to manage both house and office both at equal level that’s too on a daily basis. Having the same routine regularly without any rest may lead to health issues and other problems which also ruins the family life.

3. Children may feel alone and fall in a bad company:

Not only that the children might feel alone and find for company as mothers are not available for kids due to busy schedules. Children get freedom in excess when they don’t see mothers around to stop them from vices. This way they may fall in bad company and inculcate vices in them.

4. Less time for kids:

Working woman is not able to devote quality time to their kids. This way the kids are not able to share their feelings and remain quite over the important matters. This makes them introvert and are not able to express their feeling with parents.

5. Children are kept in child care centres:

In such cases, mother feels guilty for not sparing quality time to raise her kids and have to compromise in the development of the kids. Mothers have to keep their kids in childcare centres as there is no one to take care of them. Those kids remain void of love and motherly affection.

6. No helping hand:

This way the whole family gets destroyed and even the future of children is affected. If the husband is not helping the wife in household chores, it may cause difficulty for her as she then has to work 24 hours all alone without any help, it may affect co-operation and husband wife relationship, resulting in the end of such a pious relation.

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