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The Reading Companion of every 90s Kids

Written by Komal

The Kids of 90s used to live in a world of super-heroes and relate themselves with the character they read.

There’s a lot in life without Internet which was filled with books and comics that today’s generation needs to know about. Summer Vacation for today’s children means a lot of holiday homework, summer camps and crafts. Long back in our time summer vacations meant reading champaks and comics, outstretched playing sessions and the daily summer vacation special programs on Dordarshan. For today’s children, Chota Bheem, Batman, SpiderMan and SuperMan are their Superheroes. For the kids of 90s superheroes meant Shaktiman, Nagraj, Super Comando Dhruv, Parmanu, Doga Shakti, Tiranga, Bhokal and many more. Owing the recent published comics was a matter of pride of every boy. Comics for them was their own personal property. Even today the die heart fans of Comics have their collections with them.

In 1987, India got its own super hero in the form of Super Commando Dhruva, created by Anupam Sinha and published by Raj Comics. Entering during a time when the comic culture in India was all but vanishing, Raj Comics brought home characters like Captain Dhruva, Nagraj and Doga. These superheroes became so popular among kids and teenagers that parents actually started considering them as good reading habit. Raj Comics have published close to 35,000 comics, 5000 titles and 20 characters.

The 90s is considered to be the most glorious and shining period for Indian comics. And 90s kids who can’t think nostalgia without thinking of beloved comic books will agree to it.

As we are heading towards the fading age of Indian comics, let’s look back to some of our favorite books to revive the childhood memories:

Raj Comics

Raj Comics was founded in the quest of an Indian superhero. They majorly published in Hindi but some special editions were translated into English. Their best characters were Nagraj, Super Commando Dhruv and Doga. Many a visit to the railway Wheeler book stalls were made for these amazingly original Indian comics.

Chacha Chaudhary And Pinki:
Comic named upon was a middle-class old man known for his intelligence and problem-solving attitude. Sabu, an alien from Jupiter planet, was an aide to Chacha and was famous for his physical strength. And Pinki, was a funny five-year-old girl, was famous of messing things around her neighbourhood.

Nandan magazine provided poems, games, colouring pages, stories, interactive columns and much more at a single platform and so was hit among kids and teenagers.


Champak is a popular fortnightly magazine for children published by the Delhi Press Group since 1969 in India. The most popular magazine among small kids was short-sized Champak that provided a mix of short interesting stories, puzzles, brain teasers, comic strips and jokes.

There’s  also an App in the Play store of Raj Comics for the lovers of Comics to read in their leisure time.


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