The Kids of 90s Enjoyed Their Lives Much Better Than Children of Today.

Written by Komal

We didn’t realise we were making memories, we just knew we were having fun. The memories which reminds you of your childhood, the memories which makes you smile on your hard-gloomy day are the pleasant recollection of our old days. The day started from getting up early in the morning to getting back home before 10 was the life of the kids of 90s.
Let’s recollect those memories from small things.

1. The morning school was always a punishment for the kids, the hardest part of the day was to get up early and get ready for the school.
the kids of 90s

2. The summer vacations were the best part of the school life. A month-long vacation at home was a bliss to life. But the vacations always brought loads of holiday homework. The best part of the holiday homework was the crafts.

the kids of 90s

3. Newspapers were only meant to give the news of orders from DM for extending holidays. “As temperatures raised further on Wednesday, the district administration extended the holiday of students up to Class VIII for another day. The schools will remain closed on Thursday too”. This is the best news for every child.

4. Another happiest moment of the day was, when you get up early in the morning and it was raining heavily and that was the biggest excuse for not going to school. Enjoying the rain, playing with paper boats, jumping in the mud pools or rain dance are those which we even miss today.
the kids of 90s

5. Owning a foreign pen or any other stationary item was a matter of pride in front of the whole class.
the kids of 90s

6. Saving money to buy cassettes for your tape recorder was another important duty of life.

the kids of 90s

7. A daily marathon of Duck Tales, He-Man, Flash Gordon, Superman, Tail Spin, Aladdin, Dennis the Menace, Chip & Dale, Spiderman, Mickie Mouse, Small Wonder & more. That too in Hindi was the easiest way to spend your time at home.

the kids of 90s

8. A fancy-dress competition in school was a festival for every child of the school.
the kids of 90s

9. When everyone had a badminton phase, the coolest kids had Yonex racquets.
the kids of 90s

10. Power cuts were a glorious time when you were exempt from doing homework and had no choice but to go outside and play in the dark.

the kids of 90s

11. One hour of your school week was dedicated to social service or “Socially Useful Productive Work.”
The kids of 90s lived the lives to the fullest. Electronic gadgets are good for passing time but it erases outdoor fun from the real life.




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