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The Joy Of Giving!

Written by Aaliya Rahman

The joy of giving. Giving others something, provides us with not just pleasure but satisfaction and a sense of completion. It makes us happier, which in turn leads us to give more. In a study, the researchers found out that when we make a donation to charity, our brain acts in the same way as it does in when we are having sex or eating chocolate. The fact that giving people something makes them happy is new to none but there are certain points you need to keep in mind in order to maximize your happiness. 

1. Give to very specific causes:

When you’re aware that the support you’re giving is going directly to the programs and not and other source, you’ll be more open to donating. This means that when organizations are framed in real tangible ways, you give three times more to support them. And you feel better when you do. When your donation is going to something more concrete and tangible it combats a sense of futility and makes you feel like you are making a more direct impact. This feeling of personal impact makes you more likely to give and increases your satisfaction level after you have given.

2. Give in smaller amounts, more frequently:

Maximize your happiness by giving more often. Giving in smaller amounts to support more causes and projects is better than a bigger one. Giving 1000 rupees doesn’t give you 10 times the high of giving 100 rupees. Because of this you really should be giving more often in smaller amounts so you get that pleasure high more often.

 3. Give with no expectations:

Give with no strings attached. Avoid making donations which gives you something in return. Like a t-shirt or water bottle in exchange. If you want to get the highest high for your donated dollar, nothing beats a straight up donation directly to a charity with no tangible strings attached. Maximize your happiness by giving directly to a charity with no additional incentives.

4. Give when you know who your donation will help:

While you may not like commercials showing poor kids with flies around them, putting a name and face to the cause gives you a big emotional boost. You will donate 60 percent more just when there was a name, age and picture of someone who will benefit from your donation. You can maximize your happiness by funding organizations that tell you great stories of one person that your donation will help.

5. Give in public ways:

You may not be able to show it but everybody wants to be recognized and celebrated for their donation. It’s positive reinforcement for a good act increases the satisfaction of giving. Letting your giving be made public or sharing it yourself also has the benefit of encouraging others to give by letting them know they are not alone.

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