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Written by Saloni Chachan

For those who haven’t read the first part-

A Step Closer Part – 1



A request from Ansh to Mahira

Mahira didn’t even wait for a second before accepting his request though she had 500 still pending, this one was special.

After accepting his request, she was sure enough to receive a message from him, she waited for two days but there was no sign of conversation starting. So she decides to like one of his pictures, she did so that he receives a notification about it and again waited for a day. But, the other day there was still no message from him, this made her annoyed so she liked his 2-3 pictures.

Ansh knew she wants to have a conversation but doesn’t want to initiate, even he didn’t want to seem so desperate, so he decides to text her after few hours, after a lot of thinking, he comes up with-

Ansh-  – Hey! Are you from Adarsh coaching?
Mahira- Yes
Ansh- Can you please tell me the timing and the fee structure? Actually one of my friends wants to be a part of this coaching.
Mahira-Sure ! I will let you know everything.
Ansh– Thankyou!

This was their first ever conversation, not so romantic but very innocent.

Mahira gave him the details and then there was complete silence as they both didn’t  know what to say, though Ansh had an idea that she likes him, just to get sure of this before he takes a step closer, he didn’t text her for a day to see if she texts him first but she didn’t.

He knew she is not interested him in a way he thinks her to be,  that day he commented on her picture seeing that Mahira replies to every comment, but to his surprise she didn’t reply him back.

January 15,2011

He starts a conversation again, and that day they talked for 4 hours, this went on for few days, Mahira wanted his contact number but couldn’t ask him directly, so they continued chatting over Facebook. One night while they were having a conversation she asks him about his past, Ansh refused to talk about it so she couldn’t force him more.

January 20, 2011

It was 5 am in the morning and they were chatting-

Ansh-  So what is your plan now? Sleep?
Mahira- No, I am just getting bored
Ansh- Where is your home?
Mahira- Why?
Ansh- Just answer!

Mahira gave her address to him. An hour later, he was there standing in front of her house, she was shocked and told him to go.

This brought them closer than they were before.

That night they talked and Ansh wanted to answer her question that she previously asked him. He started sharing his life to her and told her how a girl named Priya completely changed him …

Wait for the next part of the story to unfold.



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