Abhivyakti Mela


Written by Saloni Chachan


Second love and Second chances are said to be just compromises. Is it so?

Ansh and Mahira had same thoughts on this as their first relation did not survive, made them cry their eyes out. They thought it would be the end of this world but it was just a beginning of a completely new end.

2 Broken hearts Join to make a perfect heart
December  15, 2010

DREAM PIES bakery shop near Adarsh coaching institute, Mahira saw a glimpse of a boy in the shop at 4 pm, her heart started beating as fast as it could, sweaty and nervous she stands there thinking Nehal has come back. She calmed herself down and realized it was not him but a man who looked exactly like him but was different in a way she couldn’t realize. This boy made her take rounds of the bakery shop every day, just to catch a glimpse of him as it reminded her of her past and how it shattered everything. Despite sour feelings and scars that still lingers when she sees his face, she couldn’t take her eyes off him. Days passed and she kept looking at him more and more.

Ansh on the other side thought it was some stupid girl who used to stare at him desperately which made him shy but deep down somewhere he was curious to know her. He too started visiting there at the same time.But after a few days, Ansh stopped showing up but Mahira still went there every day with a hope that he might visit that place again.

But when two hearts are destined to meet, God plays his magic wand.

January 10, 2011

It has been a month now,  Ansh came with his group of friends and was surprised to see Mahira still there at exact 4.

Ansh – See that girl, she stares at me and it has been a month now but she is still here, I wonder why she looks at me like that.
Arnav-She is from Adarsh coaching institute,  I have a friend there and I will let you know who she is .
Ansh – yes sure, please!

And then they started talking about their happy life in school and how they used to bunk their classes for a movie.

Mahira stood there and overheard them talking about their school life and she was happy that now there is something she knows about him, she went to her home and searched his school and a saw picture of him in one of his school Facebook pages, she knew his name but never thought of initiating a conversation with him, she just wanted to see him more and more.

Few days later, A Facebook notification pops- one new friend request.

Who sends it to whom? Wait for the next part to know what happens after a friend request and how they started sharing their lives.


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