Why marrying away is the best choice!

Why marrying away is the best choice!
destination wedding

Marrying away is one of the secrets of a grand yet peaceful wedding. Fly away and spend a couple of days with your special guests and cherish those times for your life. Destination wedding one heck of royal wedding in trend today. Away from the chaos of the city, find a solitude location with no one to judge your ceremony. Here are a few benefits of a destination wedding that will make you plan the same way.

  1. Invite only the nearest and dearest. What could be better than inviting only the close people for the ceremony? Avoid Sharma ji and parosi vali aunty for the critical comment on your wedding dress.
  2. Avoid the chaos of the city. Find yourself a destination that keeps you away from the honking of vehicles and chaos of the town. Go for Leela Palace at Udaipur which has the serenity of lake around it. 
  3. Your vacation starts the moment you step down. Your wedding is no more a work of hassle but an event you enjoy. Leave everything to the planner and enjoy the wedding.
  4. Everyone is a VIP. With all the close friends and family around, treat them as your VIP and don’t upset any of your fellow guests with less importance.
  5. Have a photo galore. With the exotic location, you can have an amazing shoot with all the poses you can think of. Have a blast with photos.


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