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Photographer of the week: SATYAJIT MUKHOPADHYA

Written by Arsalan Rahman

About the photographer

SATYAJIT MUKHOPADHYA, a professional Photographer since 1975 working at Patna after completing graduation from Patna College, commerce department, under Patna University in the year 1975.

“Started photography as a hobby during school days with the help of my father using his camera. During college days we started a photography club in the common room of Patna College and Was an active member in the Photographic Association of Bihar started during that period of time. I started learning and taking part in the national and international photographic competitions. During this period lots of famous photographers of the country guided me to learn the subject properly As there was no institution in the country, that was a great help to us.

After completion of Graduation I started carrier as a photographer and also started “THE PHOTOMAKERS” a color photographic color printing Lab in the year 1981 it was the first Color Printing Lab of the State and still going strong. A few years back when the digital photography started the demand of teaching of photography Increased, meantime understanding the need I also started teaching Photography at my work place.

I joined the famous Fashion Technology Institute of India (NIFT) as a VISITING FACULTY to teach Photography. At Present my plan is to establish a Modern Digital Photographic Studio, as well as a Training Center For the person who want to learn Lighting for Photography and everything Photographic”

Satyajit Mukhopadhya

Photos by Satyajit Mukhopadhya

location: Melbourne railway station
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
F stop: f 11
Exposure: 1/800
ISO: 200
focal length:17mm
Processing: Photoshop


“Photography is all about playing with Lights, Do not depend on the post processing. Processing is just about giving final touch up. do not over do it. It takes away freshness of it. Experiment with ISO, Aperture and Shutter speed to produce a perfect photo.”

location: Melbourne railway station
Camera: Canon EOS 7D
F stop: f 11
Exposure: 1/160
ISO: 400
focal length 24mm
Processing: Photoshop

“Back in the days when I started photography, there were no digital camera. We use to shoot on films. And In those camera you really don’t know what you are doing until you process the film and print the image. While using those cameras one really depends upon the his vision of the photograph and the knowledge of the camera and lights”



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