Manisha Koirala back on the Big Screen after a Long Time

Written by Komal

The beauty of the 90s Manisha Koirala is making her comeback by Sunaina Bhatnagar’s film Dear Maya. She survived the battle of life by fighting Cancer, and is now back in her world of acting. She was last seen in 2015, on the psychological thriller Chehere: A Modern Day Classic. Dear Maya tells the story of an unhappy women living on the hills of Shimla. She lived a sad and lonely life but an unplanned encounter with love brightens her days. The unexpected love of her life came by anonymous letters she got, she thought the letters were send by someone dear to her but was actually send to her by two innocent teenagers. The girls lived near to her house and aimed at bringing colours to her life, but eventually fails at their plans. The letters became a source of love to Maya’s life, and she goes out in the search of the Man, who does not exist.

The movie is a beautiful tale of an unexpected love and the efforts of two teenagers to add colours to Maya’s sad and boring life. The movie also deals with some aspects of Depression. To know the further story, one should surely watch the movie releasing today.

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