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An Indian Girl: ARANYA JOHAR

Written by Puja Agrawal

Slam poetry is a thing that you will not think about at an age of 18, but here we have Aranya Johar, who changed our views on gender discrimination. The 12th standard humanities student from Mumbai has become the youth sensation after she came up with her bold and fearless poems on gender discrimination. People have loved her not only for her poetry but also for her reciting skills.

Aranya started writing poems at an age of 11 and gave her first stage performance at 13. Since then, there has been no looking back for her. She continued to do more open-mic events in the city. Talking about the topics she is passionate about, the list goes on and on. A few of them being mental health, social discrimination, marital rapes, misogyny, catcalling and so on.

Her bold poem “A Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender” first went up on the internet in March 2107, and it had been lauded on many national and international platforms. The poem received enormous appreciation all over and got translated into German. She is hailed as a feminist since then, as she describes the plight of women beautifully yet effectively. She takes a dig on the double standards of the society with her words.

Johar thinks there’s a lot to express through poetry and will be coming up with more such write-ups. Her yet another poem, “A Brown Girl’s Guide to Beauty”, is a masterpiece. She talks about beauty and the prejudices and the preferences that we have towards those with light-colored skin and toned figure. She deals with the fact that how women are subjugated to assault, being fair in color and points out that it’s high time to embrace the beauty that lies within.Striking a balance between poetry and studies, Aranya is an inspiration that everyone should look out for.

Striking a balance between poetry and studies, Aranya is an inspiration that everyone should look out for.


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