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How To Motivate Your Friends?

Written by Aaliya Rahman
When it comes to friends, there are no limitations as to what and how do we have to talk. We can be rude and polite at the same time. Friends understand us better than anybody else can ever do. They are our family, our crime partner and what not. Friends are with us when nobody can tolerate our harsh and grave words. What our duty as a friend is; to help them in times of need; to uplift them; to push them to achieve their goals and to work for the betterment of the society. Today’s article is all about how to motivate your friends without compromising your friendship or your craziness together.

1. Be a good listener:

When they come to you sharing their problems, be all ears. Don’t jump into conclusions without listening to what their issue is. It might lessen your caliber to advice them.

2. Take them out:

Most of the times, when they lack self-confidence is because they haven’t been exposed to the outer world. Try and take them out with you for events that can make them socially active.

3. Don’t shower all at once:

Once you see your friend is interested in things you say and do, make them aware about other subjects. Introduce them to such aspects of life in a way that it doesn’t bother them much.

4. Show that they can:

Your friend needs constant reminder about their caliber. Make them believe in themselves. Make them realise their potentials and their x-factors. Never let them down.

5. Show them you care:

When it comes to competition, people often play dirty tricks. Show them how you care about them by constantly checking up on them. Push them towards their goals, and be available for them when in doubt. Do not ever make them feel bad about themselves.

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