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Here’s To WhatsApp’s New Feature.

Written by Aaliya Rahman


The Facebook-owned instant messaging platform WhatsApp, has introduced a new feature. Yet again, WhatsApp has now given more power to the group administrators. This added feature of extending rights of group admins has given them an advantage over other members when it comes to the participation in the conversation. This update is available for all iOS and Android devices.

The admins can now decide which member can send messages in the group. This will apply to messages of all forms. Messages including text, photo, video, audio and GIFs.

However, this new feature can only restrict members from sending messages in the group but they will be able to read the messages shared in the group. Also they can respond privately by tapping on the ‘message admin’ option.

To access this restrictive feature, the admin may go to ‘Group Info’ and tap on ‘Group Settings’ and then click on ‘Send Messages’.

Admins will get the option to choose between ‘All Participants’ and ‘Only Admins’.

On selecting the first option, it will maintain the existing posting rights in the group, which would allow all group members including the admins to send messages.

If the admin chooses the second option, only the admin or admins will have the right to post in the group. In this situation, if an admin wants to allow a member to post in the group, the admin will have to make that member a group admin.


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