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Healthy Food Habits

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Written by Tabish Alam

1. Use Healthy Cooking Methods –  Avoid deep frying which fills up your food with calories and  also avoid over boiling vegetables because it will drain the nutrients of.


2. Always eat healthy portion sizes –

  • A full tummy balance diet would be ideal for breakfast to keep you going through the hectic day.
  • An ideal lunch is a quarter of the plate which would be taken up by lean protein, another quarter would be filled with low or wholegrain carbs, and the remaining half would be filled with salad or vegetables.”
  • For dinner, eat a little less than at lunch, because you don’t need a lot of energy while sleeping and always eat your dinner 2,3 hours before going to bed.


3. Healthy Eating at social events

  • Eat a filling snack to take the edge off your hunger before you arrive.
  • At a buffet,Try to fill your plate once and then stand away from the food table.
  • Prefer the most healthy option, for example a grilled piece of fish or lean meat.
  • Eat good quantity of salad and vegetables.
  • Try to skip cheeses and dessert.

4. Natural Healthy drink –

Water is  required for digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients, for elimination of waste and to regulate body temperature.

Try to ditch sugar-packed soft drinks, Buy yourself an aluminum drink bottle and keep it on hand fill it  with water and sip on all day.



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