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Ever Wondered What Takes Women So Long In The Shower?

Written by Aaliya Rahman
Compared to men, women take longer showers and that’s the most mysterious questions of all time. Men often wonder what women do in the showers and women like this suspicion. There is no particular reason as such about why we are not so interested in telling what we do inside the washroom but it’s just so funny to make the wonder what we do. Today in this article, I will be revealing five secrets that men need to know about what takes us so long in the shower.

1. Singing :

The only place we sing our hearts out, without being judged. In the washroom, we feel we are Beyonce and that’s why we take so long feeling the feel of it.

2. Shaving:

Okay men really need to thank us for shaving ourselves. When they think about what we do let me tell you that we shave ourselves for the soft, glowing and smooth skin that you people touch.

3. We think:

We don’t think about nuclear weapons and how to form that. We think about how toxic our lives are, and what a mess we’ve made out of it.

4. Brainstorming:

The perfect place for all the ideas to wander is the washroom. We think about our past mistakes, our present mistakes and the future ones that we are going to do.

5. Avoiding life:

This one is a bit difficult for me to explain because I am not the one who avoids life. Some people keep the phones aside and get inside the washroom for whatever the purpose be. I carry it everywhere and also in the washroom itself to cry over a few things that we regret.

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