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Deal With Annoying Teachers Like A Pro!

Written by Aaliya Rahman
Teachers are not our best friends. They do help us in times of need, they also teach us several life lessons but there are times that teachers annoy us the most. Teachers irritate so much that we end up being pissed off which is momentary of course, but regret it later. Getting into cold war with teachers is something that we all face once, twice or more in a lifetime. There are times when they will embarrass you when you aren’t paying attention, or give pop quizzes to make you feel bad about yourself because your time isn’t right or you were prepared for the spontaneously thrown question. Today we’d be talking about how to deal with this problem. In this article, I’d be telling you how to deal with this personality of your teacher to relieve a lot of stress in life.

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1. Kill them with kindness:

Speak what they want to hear. Accept your faults. Show that you have been so guilty about your misbehaviour and that you are so sorry about it. Tell them you won’t repeat that and bingo! You win.

2. Look interested at all times:

No matter how drowsy you feel or how stressed you are because of them, or how hard their subject is. Show that you are interested in whatever they are teaching.

3. Do your assignments on time:

When you realise that a teacher is behind you and wants to pull you down, always stay attentive and do your assignments on time. Don’t give them a chance to insult you.

4. Ask what they want:

When keeping track of your homework or assignments, ask what they are looking for in the project. Ask the points that they want to be included and the points they don’t want to be included.

5. Keep them away from your personal life:

If they want to be involved in your personal life, just say no! Take for example, if they want to be friends on facebook, just decline.

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6. Involve your parents:

If there’s a major issue like they are torturing you, involve your parents immediately. Don’t wait for things to get worsened.

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