Christmas Carols Beyond Jingle Bells

Written by Pooja Singh

When it comes to christmas we always think of christmas trees, parties, christmas tress, Santa Claus. But when it comes to christmas carols we always tend to think of ‘Jingle Bells’ and nothing else. We will tell you a few carols on which you can groove on christmas’s eve, other than ‘Jingle Bells’.


1. Kelly Clarkson’s Silent Night is one of the best carols you can hear on christmas. Was released in 2013 it was a huge sensation on internet.

2. Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You, was a huge hit back then in 90’s it got 34 million views on youtube.


3. White Christmas by Micheal Buble is a great song for chrsitmas.


4. Dean Martin, sung this song and it became a sensation back then.


5. Earth Kitt sung Santa Baby and broke the monotony of carols by this song.

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