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Black Friday It Is: 10 interesting facts you didn’t know about Black Friday!

Written by Nancy Agrahari
Black Friday is an informal term for the day after the Thanksgiving day. Traditionally, the term Black Friday was first observed in the United States and was then followed by other countries including Canada and United Kingdom.
Black Friday is an unofficial term for the Shopping Season. The shopping people generally start to do for Christmas.But, there are facts we didn’t know about Black Friday other than ofc its the shopping season. So, we did some research on the day that will surprise you too. Here, we bring to you 10 interesting facts about the day we bet you didn’t know.

Let’s check them out, shall we?

  1. The term ‘Black Friday was first used in the 1960s by the retailers. The term was used by the retailers to show the increase in the profit. It was termed black as the earlier accounting practices used red ink to show negative amounts and black ink to show positive amounts.According to this theory, the day after Thanksgiving day, the retailers were no longer under loses.
  2. According to a 2009 article published in TIME magazine, the phrase “Black Friday” was first used in the 1960s by Philadelphia newspapers referring to the huge rush of crowds to stores on the day after Thanksgiving.
  3. Black Friday runs concurrent with Buy Nothing Day, an international protest against consumerism with more than 65 nations globally participating. Whoa! The irony!
  4. America spent around  $59.1 billion on Black Friday sales in the year 2012.
 5. A majority of people get injured and die during the Black Friday shopping.
6. Black Friday has seen an increase in the online shopping too. Online stores offer major discounts during the time.But, one can still find rush in stores the day after Thanksgiving Day.
7. Black Friday is actually not the busiest shopping day of the year. In fact, the Saturday before Christmas is actually the busiest shopping day of the Year.
8. According to reports, in the year 2017, Amazon and Walmart are expected to dominate online sales. While the No. 3 spot is still up for grabs between Best Buy and Target.
9. Black Friday is not an official holiday, but California and some other states observe “The Day After Thanksgiving” as a holiday for state government employees.
10. The day after Thanksgiving day, most major retailers open very early, mostly during overnight hours, and offer promotional sales.

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