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Believer By Imagine Dragons: Review

Written by Arsalan Rahman

Song: Believer
Album: Evolve
written and composed by: Imagine Dragons
Singer: Dan Reynolds
Believer is a new single by the “Radioactive” famed American rock band Imagine Dragons.  Reynolds states that the song was inspired by his experiences with ankylosing spondylitis in 2015. The song reflects the aspects of his life where he was in broken and in pain and getting over them. The lyrics are quite inspiration and very catchy chorus Believer.. Believer.  The music is composed very beautifully with the drums taking the lead and keyboard symphony giving a ting tong touch to the song and the iconic Imagine guitar scratch gives a periodic appearance and together. The music is just the perfect tune to compliment the lyrics. Reynolds sings in a very fast power packed tempo which gives the listeners a blood rush and gives the song a whole new dimension.
This song deserves a place in your work out and inspirational playlist.





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