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Written by Puja Agrawal

What can be more adventurous and blissful than being a Bihari. Here we bring to you the six reasons why biharis are famous all over…


  1. Great great talker

We Biharis have a habit of talking and talking until our lungs dry out. Be it bluffing or narrating a story, we can talk for hours or may be days.!

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  1. Out of the world knowledge

Though people generalize Biharis as being stupid and dumb, we do have knowledge about almost everything. From economics to politics, and sometimes we also know what is happening in Mars.!

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  1. Sense of humour

People might not agree, but it is a fact that the sense of humour biharis possess, can’t be handled by all. We can inject fun in the most boring atmosphere and make heads turn with our ‘say-it-like-it-is’ attitude.!

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  1. The way of speaking

We have our own way to speak Hindi. Referring everyone as aap shows our politeness and humbleness, on the contrary, we add an element of confusion in the conversations. ‘Hum aa rahe h’ is an expression where, “hum” is equal to 1 and infinity both.!

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  1. Choice of songs

Go to a new place, outside Bihar, and the most frequent questions becomes, can you sing or dance on ‘jab lagawellu lipastic’. Well! Grow up! We love Ed Sheeran as much as we love Manoj Tiwari.!

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  1. The taste bud

A Bihari who doesn’t like “Litti Chokha” is not a Bihari. It is the heart of Bihar and its people. We can sustain on it for days and days, without a hint of discomfort.!

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