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Angela Merkel rolls her eyes on putting, And Twitterati on their trolling best

Written by Arsalan Rahman

Cameras often capture some funny and awkward moments and Twitterati seem to spare no one
Recently at the group of 20 summit the Russian president Viladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel exchanged a candid moment which turned out to be rather humorous!
One thing that we can assume is that the two were speaking German, a language that Putin, who lived in East Germany from 1985 to 1990, speaks fluently.

Putin can be seen deep in conversation with the German Chancellor. probably a topic Angela was less interested in. In a candid clip Angela can be seen rolling her eyes during her conversation with the Russian President.

And the internet wasted no time in guessing what their conversation could be that made Markel roll her eyes

Watch merkel’s eye roll.

Putin’s shiny chest secret.


All Europeans matter!

High jump? Vertical takeoff? Spare key?


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