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And Again Donald Trump Has Taken The Internet By Storm.

Written by Aaliya Rahman
Yet another attention seeking incident happened with the US President Donald Trump. He’s in limelight ever since he had been elected the president, not just because he is Mr. Donald Trump and his political decisions are something everybody reconsiders but for other offbeat incidents as well.

The US president boarded Air Force One on Thursday with a piece of toilet paper stuck to his left shoe. Too hilarious it may sound but the videos going viral show Mr Trump at the Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport, walking up the steps to the aircraft with a piece of paper stuck to his left shoe.

While it is still not clear whether the paper is actually toilet paper, or something else but it does seem to be the explanation that the Internet is most willing to accept. This incident has taken Twitter and Instagram by storm. Cameras captured the hilarious moment as Mr Trump walked up the steps with the paper trailing behind him. As he turns around to wave upon entering the aircraft, the paper gets dislodged. As expected, the video has given the idea to thousands of videos and memes. Since being shared online, various versions of the video have together collected millions of views. The bizarre video has inspired a ton of jokes and hilarious comments. Many wondered why nobody bothered to inform the POTUS that he had paper stuck to his shoe. While others just laughed at the absurdity of the whole episode. 

Donald Trump certainly doesn’t seem to have a very good relationship with boarding aircrafts as back in February, a video went viral. The video showed his hair getting blown apart by the wind.

Poor Donald Trump needs to work on his ways before getting on board.

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