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A Sweet Little History

Written by Komal

The cuisine of Bihar is as diverse and awesome as the state of Bihar. Whatever be the menu of Bihar cuisine, it is rich in taste and good for health. As the dishes, originate from the prevailing culture, Bihar cuisine gives ample of opportunity to stay healthy and enjoy good taste. The appetizing and exotic Bihari dishes are highly capable of tingling the taste bud of every food expert. The most common food of Patna, is litti chokha. Recently litti chokha was in news for entering the international food festival held in Manila, Philippines. The dessert history of Bihar is famous for mouth-watering dishes like the, Silao Khaja, Tilkut, Thekua, Khajur, Balushahi and many more.

All these sweets are easily available in Patna. The most common sweet among them is Khaja, a wafer sweet, usually a ceremonial part of marriages of people of all castes, religion and faith. This tasty snack is believed to be a 2000-year-old preparation, very similar to the Baklava of Ottoman empire. The shops near the Patna museum are famous for selling these sweets. They share a history of 15 to 20 years in this field. For the people of Patna, the most trusted shop for these sweets are the “Sangeeta”. This was the first shop to open opposite Patna Museum, selling sweets since a very long time. Mantu Kumar of Sangeeta  who has been selling the sweets at their shop in Patna for 20 years says that the demand for Khajja, belgrami, gajja and all the other sweets stays throughout the year and increases during the wedding seasons.


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