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6 Trends which short women should avoid

Written by Tabish Alam

Being short is great but maybe you don’t want to appear that way, right?  Yes, you can achieve to look taller by knowing what not to wear. Here we telling you the clothes you should not be wearing if you are short, Take a look.

1. Tunic Tops

Yes, the key to look tall is to avoid wearing tunic tops because they will end up making you look more shorter as they are long and will cover your thigh.

2. Round-toe heels

Always avoid wearing round-toe heels, Instead go for sleek and pointy toe heels. Trust me it will do wonders for your legs.

3. Oversize bags

Please don’t hide behind your bag, Yes carrying an oversize bag will make you look like you are hiding behind it, Always opt for a smaller size which is proportionate to your frame.

4. Tea length dresses

Don’t try to show some skin, either wear a dress that hits above the knee or wear a a dress which covers your legs. The in between hemline of a tea length dress is not suited for a short body frame.

5. Printed jumpsuits

You obviously don’t want to look more shorter than you actually are, Printed jumpsuits will make you look shorter because of there confusing patterns and poppy colours. Always choose and wear solid colour jumpsuits if you are short.

6. Baggy jeans

Baggy jeans are just not meant for short girls, Stick with a fitted or relaxed style jeans style to accentuate and poise your short body frame.


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