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6 Tips For A Better Portrait

Written by Fatma Rahman

Frame Your Subject

Framing is very important because it helps in drawing the attention to the element you want to show in your image.

This can be done by placing the subject in position like asking them to peep through a gap, look through the grids, from behind a window or a doorway or simple use their hands to create a frame around the face.

Plan The Pose

Pay attention to your subjects comfort zones, do not force them to give poses they cannot fully express themselves.

Talk to your subject, make connection so there is a level of comfort and not awkwardness.  Ask them there favorite side and plan the poses accordingly.

 Use Props 

Props help the models to pose better as it creates an engagement and distracts the model’s attention from the camera which helps you capture the moments better.

Use Scarfs 

Use scarfs to create a dimension. Scarfs help to create an interesting frame for the face.


The model in your portrait is the main point of interest in a picture, but it is important to chose the correct background to alter the mood of the image.

The background can be dramatic or a plan wall, anything that makes the subject stand out.

Key to perfect background is to photograph the subject in there native environment.

Focus on One Body Part 

Photographing the hands, legs, eyes, the jawline, lips or just the lower body. Such frames leave a lot for the views to imagine.


Image Source : Google Images


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