6 mistakes beginners make while cooking

Written by Arsalan Rahman

chopping veggies is a tedious and risky yet very important part of cooking. Beginners often end up with a bleeding figure and band aid patches. To avoid getting a cut, hold the knife in your dominant hand. And with the other hand make your fingers curl in on your hand to make a claw and stick your middle finger a little ahead of the other finger and place it onto the item you want to chop. Let your fingers guide the knife as you chop down the item.


salt and pepper are the most important part of every dish. You need to season your dish just the right amount.  Because if over seasoned the dish will hit your tasted bud like wrecking ball and if under seasoned the food will taste bland!


Always use fresh vegetables and herbs. Fresh herbs and vegetables can really enhance the flavour of a dish and take it to whole new level.


beginners always tend to overcook the onions and tomatoes and make it a liquidy wush in the making.  It’s not always necessary to make a pure of the onions and tomatoes while cooking a dish. Leave the onions and tomatoes to a semi cooked texture to get the flavour of the onions and tomatoes.

Plan you dish:

Always know what you are trying to make and keep the end result in mind. Do not go impromptu and design your food on the go.


spices are the key to Indian cuisine. But cooking with spices can be tricky, always know the spices that can complement your dish. Do not add all the spices present on your kitchen table.


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