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6 Games Based In India That You Probably Didn’t Know

Written by Arsalan Rahman

6 games based in India that you probably didn’t know

Indian architecture and vast historic heritage gives amazing set pieces that gives beautiful scenic view to the gamers.

Here are 6 games that exploit the scenic beauty of India and give one hell of a gaming experience.

Prince of Persia: Sands of time

This epic action adventure flick is without a doubt one of the best games ever made! Maharajas, Palaces, Courtyards, vizier and the great combat with a fast paced dramatic action scene. This game gives you the insight to Indian royal heritage and feature some elegant and magnificent Indo-Persian architectural set pieces that gives you an orgasmic gaming experience.

Far cry 4

Another action adventure game from ubisoft is a first person shooter based in a fictional Himalayan city of kyrat in India. The game follows the storyline of Kyrati-American Ajay Ghale. The gameplay features some lush Himalayan landscape sets. And some of the background character can be heard speaking in Hindi and using local cuss languages.

Hitman 2 : Silent Assassin

This third person stealth assassination game features three back to back stages set in India.  Agent 47 enters the location in a Auto-rickshaw and can be disguised as a local wearing kurta and turban.

  • Temple city ambush
  • The Death of Hannelore
  • Terminal Hospitality
Tomb Raider III

In this action adventure treasure hunt epic.  The protagonist Lara Croft in search for the mysterious Infada artifact enters the dense Indian rainforest in search for the temple where the artifact is located.


Uncharted: The lost legacy:

This upcoming stand alone sequel in the famous action adventure series Uncharted is set in the western ghats of Tamil Nadu.  The game follows the story of a treasure hunter Chloe Frazer in search for lord Ganesha’s tusk. This is the first game not to feature Nathan Drake, the lead character in the previous games of the series.


Assassin’s creed chronicles: India

This stand alone sequel in the assassin’s creed franchise is set India during the British raj. The game follows the story of an assassin named Arbaaz Mir. The game is set with a backdrop of Sikh Empire’s war with the East India company


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