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6 day to day struggles of living in a hostel.

Written by Arsalan Rahman

Living in a hostel is surely an experience of a life time. But there are some day to day struggles that most student face and can relate to.
Here are 6 struggles of hostel life every one can relate to:

1 The inedible assassinator of taste buds
Mess food:

Rotten vegetables, a yellow slime called dal and overcooked rice which wanted to be kheer but like all engineers was stopped halfway through from full filling its dreams.  Hostel mess is a kitchen nightmare even Gordon Ramsey cannot handle. Well Maggie is a life saver.

2 “jahanpanah tohfa qabool karo”:

Taking a loo in the hostel bathroom is herculean task that the students face every day. The skid marks and some time “it” is left as a whole” makes college washrooms impossible to use.
It like you open the washroom door and the “tohfa” is there! Waiting for you!!

3 The war many girls have been fighting for:
In time

Most hostels in India have an In time. And this is mostly associated with girl’s hostel. Girls are often chained with in time “7 bje ke baad bahar allowed nai!”. Well that’s for the safety of the girls isn’t it?
Because apparently girls can’t protect themselves!

4 Amdani atthani kharcha rupaiya!:

There are three stages every student goes through during the course of a  month
“nawabi” “gareebi” and “bheekmangi”
One of the most peculiar things that happens in a hostel is everyone owes something to everyone and everyone is broke at the same time! (Not talking about the rich kids who serve as the giver of all!).

5 Andhera kayam rahe!:
Power cuts

power cuts are a problem nationwide but it’s a disaster for a student playing dota or couterstrike on his laptop! And moreover sometimes a hostel room becomes a sauna bath due to power cuts.

6 The most excruciating challenging part:
Waking up early.

This where you miss your mom the most! Waking up for the morning classes is a challenge everyone faces. The late night gaming sessions and “Marley baba ka Prasad” makes it almost impossible to wake up early morning!



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