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5 Thing Girls Love Other Than Men!

Written by Aaliya Rahman
What are the things girl like other than guys? A lot of things indeed. Despite the fact, that men bring problems with them, girls still like them. Because nature. Today we’d be talking about the other things that aren’t very problematic. Let’s begin. 

1. Food:

Skinny, chubby, curvy, fat or slim. No matter the size of the girl, they all love food. Apart from it being a necessity of life, girls love food. If she tells you, she isn’t much of a foodie, she’s lying. Because everybody is a foodie.

2. Photo shoots:

A time when your internal diva takes flight. Every girl love photo shoots, because that makes them feel popular and their internal Beyonce comes out.

3. Shopping:

Who doesn’t want a closet that can be changed every day of the year. Well, girls for sure want that. We always run out of clothes. Bring us clothes, jewellery, accessories, and the most important, footwears and we’ll be yours forever.

4. Being asked out:

Even if the answer is no, we want to be asked out. Yes, we do. Or else how will we show that we’re too busy in life?

5. Looking good:

I don’t know about men but girls want to look like Madonna all their lives. Their homeless look, smudged kohl and untidy hair have now been named as, casual look, smokey eyes and messy hair respectively.

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