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5 Ground Rules For Men To Look Sexy In A Shirt !

Written by Aaliya Rahman


Dear men, if you ask a woman what she finds the sexiest when it comes to men’s clothing and she’ll say she loves shirts. But when it comes to men’s clothing and wearing shirts, there’s a lot of mistakes that brothers everywhere in the world are making. Don’t worry this article has got you covered. We’d be talking about basic tips and tricks for men wearing shirts.

1. Your wardrobe:

You don’t need to dig a hole in your pocket but all you need is three most important shirts. The formal plain white, the versatile black and the super versatile light blue. You can tuck them in, you can leave them out, you can wear them with shorts, chinos, formal pants and denims. These are the shirts every man needs to have and every man needs to know this important rule. Don’t buy shirts which are very cheap and doesn’t stand the course of time and gets worn out in 3 or 4 washes. Instead go for a slightly expensive shirt.

2. Patterns:

It’s 2018 and we’re talking patterns. But there are some ground rules you need to follow. First, two colours maximum, one primary for the shirt and the secondary colour for the pattern. Rule two, choose shirts that cover the entire body and not just a number somewhere, it looks very tacky. Rule three, go for dots or lines, or maybe monochrome patterns because that’s subtle. Not everybody can pull off loud shirts with such elegance. Black and white is always the way to go with patterns.

3. Choose to be a gentleman not a roadside romeo:

Never ever wear flappy collars. That’s gross. Either you buy a buttoned-down shirts that have a button under the collar to stick it up or go for the right material that have a stiff collar. Don’t roll up your sleeves in untidy manner, roll it properly. Also, don’t wear crumpled up shirts that can absolutely ruin your look, always iron it properly. Look for any loose thread hanging out of your shirt, cut it if any.

4. Mostly roll up your sleeves:

Because there are certain conditions you need to pull of for the full sleeved look. Firstly, you need to have the physique to pull it off. You want your arms to fill the entire space. Second, it has to be of your arm length otherwise it’ll look slightly puffed up. Third, and most importantly, it has to be expensive because only high end brand makes shirts that have proper full sleeves that make you look good or else, it may appear that you’re wearing a second hand material. So always try to roll up your sleeves because it gives a balance between looking elegant and cool.

5. Slim fits:

Give priority to slim fit shirts while shopping because regular fit shirts have to be tucked into your pants and are baggy. They are alright for overweight guys or very underweight guys who are conscious about their body. But even if you have got a mediocre or average looking physique, a slim fit shirt is gonna make you look like an absolute boss in terms of your body. Also, the advantage with them is that they are versatile. You can create a very formal look and also a casual look.

6. Layering your shirt:

If you’re layering your shirt, the first rule is you always have to layer it with a white or black t-shirt. Second, if you have your buttons closed and your t-shirt under it, you can’t afford to leave it untucked. It’s a lot neater and a lot classier. Finally, if u wanna layer your shirt with a jacket, the only way you do it is after you have tucked your shirt into your pants, otherwise no! It’ll be a huge style mistake.

That’s all for now. Hope you will be able to correct some of the mistakes you’d been doing till now.


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