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The Godfather: A book that became a modern day myth

Written by Arsalan Rahman

The Godfather: A book that became a modern day myth

“I am gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse”

This classic literature offers a story you surely can’t refuse! Published in 1969, is a crime thriller master piece by Italian American Writer Mario Puzo.  The book follows the story of Corleone family, an Italian- American organized crime syndicate headed by Don Vito Corleone. The story tells a bloody tale of Corleone family through its war with the Five Mafia families of New York in the back drop. Puzo gives the reader an amazing insight into the mafia crime syndicate of New York.  This breath taking tale of ruthless murders, assassinations, revenge, and politics mixed with a pinch of family drama, love and rebellion is so spellbinding and compelling that it is almost impossible to put down and makes you fall in love with the crime thriller over and over again. The narration is simple and brilliant that makes it all an absolute must read.

Taking about the characters, one of the reasons for the huge success of the Godfather is its Immortal characters created by Puzo. The characters are so are so beautifully created that each character leaves its mark on the readers mind. Don Vito Corleone also known as the “godfather”, a Sicilian immigrant to New York City builds the mafia Empire. Don Vito is one on the most feared and powerful gangster of New York but is also very generous and kind. Though in the titular role, Vito is not the central character of the story. Michael’s destiny is to succeed his father as the head of the family empire and become even more ruthless and cold blooded than him, despite his desire to lead an Americanized life with his girlfriend Kay Adams. And characters like Tom Hagen Peter Clemenza, Luca Brazi, Sollozo “the turk” and Carlo Rizi just add up to the beauty of the gangster master piece.

The novel offers many Italian criminal terms like

consigliere :the counselor to the Don

caporegime : A rank in the Italian Mob who heads a group of soldiers (an under boss).

omertà: The Sicilian code of silence

Capo di capi: The Boss of the boss.

All in all the Godfather is a book that gives the crime thriller a new dimension with fast faced orgasmic narration through cold blooded murder, revenge, love and the War of the Five “Families”.
Because after all “Nothing is personal, Its just absolutely business”.

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