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6 Ways To Beat The Heat This Summer

Written by Tabish Alam

1. Planning – Planning is the key to success, So schedule your day before stepping out to enjoy the day without draining yourself.


2. Stay covered – Covering yourself is very important during summers, If you are outside, don’t spend extended amounts of time without shade.

3. Find a breeze – Try to stay near a water body because water bodies are more likely to have a cooler edge.

4. Proper Hydration – Try to drink as much water as you can to avoid dehydration, Hydrating your body is the key to good skin and fit body in summers.


5.Wear it right – Light coloured clothes, hats and fancy pastel colours are just right for summers, Never overdo your clothing in summers.

6. Rest during the day –  The heat will exhaust you very quickly. Take time to rest during the day to keep your body temperature down.


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