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6 Tips To Balance Your Slimming Diet

Written by Komal

When dieting, it is important to make sure that the food you you eat are nourishing. If you eat a wide variety from the food groups below, you should obtain optimum levels of each of the nutrients required for good health.


FOOD TYPES: Rice, breads, potatoes, cereals, pasta and other starches are the staple foods in your diet; everything else revolves around them. Contrary to popular belief, starchy foods are not fattening. Breads and cereals contain no more calories per gram than lean meat and less than fats.

TIPS: Choose specialty breads that taste good on their own without spreads. Serve pasta and rice with tomato-based vegetable sauces, avoiding any made with cheese, cream, butter or lots of oil.


FOOD TYPES: Include a wide variety of fresh fruits, vegetables and salad leaves.

TIPS: Go easy on dried fruit and avocados; dried fruit is high in sugar and avocados are high in fat. Avoid fattening salads dressings such as mayonnaise; make your own based on lemon or lime juice and low-fat yogurt. Do not eat fried potatoes, such as chips, or potatoes baked with a cheese sauce.


FOOD TYPES: Eat moderate amount of low-fat dairy products.

TIPS: Choose skimmed or semi-skimmed milk, low-fat yogurt and low- fat cheeses such as fromage frais, cottage cheese and ricotta. Avoid milk shakes made with whole milk.


FOOD TYPE: Choose lean meat (such as game) with all visible fat trimmed off, poultry with the skin removed, fish and pulses (lentils, split peas and dried beams).

TIPS: Steam, grill, bake or poach- but do not fry. Eat nuts, nut butters and seeds in moderation. Avoid high-fat meat products such as pies, pasties, sausages and beefburgers. White fish such as cod is less fattening than oily fish. Avoid fish canned in oil, or drain well.


FOOD TYPES: Use low-fat spreads. Use oil-even olive oil- sparingly. The occasional (once or twice a week) sugary treat will do no harm, as sugar is not blamed for obesity. Cutting down on fats is the best approach when you are dieting.

TIPS: Avoid all crisps, biscuits, cakes and pies as they contain a lot of hidden fats.

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