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6 Offbeat Masterpiece That Every Bollywood Fan Must Watch

Written by Tabish Alam

The 100 crore Club has definitely changed the game of how movies work on the box office and how people perceive it. But some movies instead of entering the 100 crore club entered our heart and soul. Take a look at these amazing masterpieces of Bollywood.

1. Masaan 2015

The story of how four lives intersect along the Ganges with the essence of  love, life and death. Beautifully directed by Neeraj Ghaywan, with top-notch performances by the actors. Masaan is surely an evergreen masterpiece of ordinary lives with extraordinary stories.

2.Parzania 2007 

Parzania is based on the real life story of a Parsi family whose son goes missing during the Gujarat riots, the movie shows emotions clearly and it is deeply impactful. The movie is written and directed by Rahul Dholakia, the cinematography, the story telling,  the actors, everyone has done a remarkable job. No one should be left devoid of such movies.

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3. Udaan 2010

Udaan will definitely  leave you spellbound with it’s poetic story-telling and extraordinary performances. Ronit Roy have played the character of an ultra strict father commendably and Rohan’s struggle of freedom is something which you will remember always and his poetry will surely give you positive chills.

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4. Aligarh 2015

Aligarh is a story of a professor expelled from his university because of his sexual orientation, his struggle is heart-wrenching. The movie shows struggles of love and acceptance honestly. The silence in some scenes screams for justice, some parallel scenes of natural affection is completely successful in showing human emotions. A brilliant movie which should not be missed.

5. The Lunchbox 2013

This movie tells a simple tale beautifully. Directed by Ritesh Batra, It is a story of two people whose paths cross because of a wrong delivery is not exceptional yet so unusual. All the actors  Irrfan Khan, Nawazuddin and Nimrat Kaur are at par and their work is just wonderful. Hands down a must watch.

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6. Trapped 2016

Trapped is directed by Vikramaditya Motwane. Rajkummar Rao has done a brilliant job in showcasing different psychological shades of human mind when he is shut in an uninhabited Mumbai apartment. The movie was shot in less than a month in Mumbai. A very fresh concept which is ahead of its times, Must see.


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