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6 Must Watch Web Series

Written by Fatma Rahman

6 must watch web series

1. Man’s world- Y- Films

Since feminism is the top of the town talk, one must watch this amazing web series by Yash Raj Films which focuses on the problems faced by a woman on daily basis in this male dominated society.

2.I don’t watch TV- Aree

If you like sarcasm and appreciate humour you need to watch this web series which shows the what happens behind the glamour world in the Indian television industry.

3. Baked – Scoopwoop

A story of three university mates who decide to start a food delivery service, but always end up in a chaotic situation.

4. All about section 337- The creative gypsy

A fictional web series which showcases the journey of a boy who disapproves the relationships of the LGBT community, with a talented cast and humorous content. It is a must watch.

5. Permanent Roommates- TVF

It features a journey of long distance relationship coming to reality, and the sarcasm level is way too high.

6. Dev DD – Alt Balaji

The unusual journey of a badass girl from finding her prince charming to becoming Devdas and learning about love and life.



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