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Written by Puja Agrawal

In sequence to our last post on gym tips for beginner’s, we bring to you six etiquettes which you must follow to rock your gym life.

  1. Don’t take too long

Running on a treadmill is fun and healthy, but you should not forget that it’s a gym and the equipment is shared. So, step out of the machine and give others a chance too.

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  1. Gym attire

Be very particular about your gym attire. The clothes must be comfortable, neither too loose nor too tight. Well fitted bras for ladies are a must, who wants men to stare at them when working out.

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  1. Company is good

It’s always good to have a company for gym. Though the company must be motivating, so as you are regular and gym becomes fun.

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  1. Avoid taking calls

Keep your phone either switched off or on silent mode. Using your phone while working out will be a distraction for you as well as people around you.

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  1. Know some gym jargons

Now gym is your daily routine, it’s advisable to get familiar with some gym jargons. Add words such as workout, boulders, maxing out etc to your vocabulary.

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  1. Water bottle

While working out, it is obvious that you will sweat a lot. Excess sweating can cause dehydration, to avoid that, keep a water bottle handy.

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