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6 Essential skin care tips for rainy season

Written by Tabish Alam

Rainy season is already here and let’s accept that we all are struggling to maintain a good and healthy looking skin. The humidity, dirt , oil and pollution are making it impossible to do so, Don’t worry today we are featuring 6 essential skin care tips for rainy season so let’s get going!

1. Cleaning

Try cleaning your skin at least 3 times a day. this will remove excess dirt and oil that can clog your pores, clogged pores can lead to nasty pimple outbreaks and black heads in this weather. Proper time to time scrubbing is also very important to maintain a healthy glow on face.

2. Water based

All your cosmetics and moisturizers must be water based , its not only for oily skin as during rainy season the atmosphere becomes humid leaving for skin extremely oily. water based products are a great option to help keep the oil secretion in check.

3. Don’t experiment

Rainy season is definitely not the time to experiment with artificial jewellery especially if you have sensitive skin. The humidity in the air will increase the risk of breakout and rashes.

4. Sunscreen

A trusted good quality sunscreen with a good SPF must be used regularly even on a cloudy day because it may be cloudy but that doesn’t stop the sun’s UV rays from harming your skin.

5. Warm water

Always use warm water for cleaning your face from coming outside in rainy season as warm water open the pores and deeply cleanses it, removing all the oil and dirt from within.

6. Toning

Regular toning of skin must be done by a non-alcoholic toner which will help even out your skin’s pH balance and also bring a glow to your skin leaving it soft and subtle.




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