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Ranbir Kapoor, our all time favorite…

Written by Puja Agrawal

Ranbir Kapoor, the heartthrob sensation of Bollywood, dances like nobody is watching him. With a number of songs that are quirky in nature, he has set an image which portrays him as a man fit for silly songs with his crazy, out of the box dance steps. In his upcoming movie, Jagga Jasoos, he brings yet another song which enthralls the audience.

Here we bring to you six songs that we as Ranbir fans will never settle for.


  1. ‘Galti Se Mistake’ from Jagga Jasoos

Sung by Arijit Singh and Amit Mishra, the song has received enormous appreciation from all around. Ranbir adds more groove to the song by his dancing skills.

  1. ‘Badtameez Dil’ from Yeh Javaani Hai Deewani

The song is a hit even today, be it a farewell party or a birthday celebration, this is a song which makes every foot dance on it. We can’t get over the dance steps by Ranbir.

  1. ‘Matargashti’ from Tamasha

It stays one of the best until now and will remain so. Ranbir and Deepika dancing on the shores of Corsica makes the song more and more attractive. The charm that Ranbir creates from his dance is a thing none can do.


  1. ‘Tai Tai Phiss’ from Chillar Party

The song plays and the roll hits us, the way Ranbir dances on it is something we can’t get out of our mind. He looks cute, funny, handsome all in one, well that’s who Ranbir is!

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  1. ‘Alla Barfi’ from Barfi

Much known for his acting in here, the song connects with the heart and we can’t get bored of it at any point in our lives. The quirkiness in this is a thing that doesn’t let us move on.


  1. ‘Luv Ki Ghanti’ from Besharam

Not only Ranbir but also the lyrics make us wonder how he manages to do such funny songs with grace. His dance, his expressions, his moves are enough to set a bad mood to a jolly one.



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