Things Men Should do for a Woman

Things Men Should do for a Woman
Things men should do

We all have seen men who boost about respecting woman and liberating them. What people lack is the esteem to take a step and implement in real life. And what we need is more men who understand the value of action, who believe in bringing differences not with words but with actions. Here are a few small and easy things all you men can do to make the lady around you feel empowered.

  1. Do not compliment her by adding “despite being a girl”. That’s the worse you can do. Make her feel empowered but not by reminding that there are certain things only a guy can do. 
  2. Help your wife and mother in the kitchen, do not ask for dinner while sitting on the sofa. Make her feel important and moreover, respect her household chores.
  3. Value your female boss just the same way you value your male boss. She deserves the equal, being a girl doesn’t make her any less competent, if only all men could understand!
  4. Make your own bed, do not ask your mom or wife or sister to do it for you. Be a responsible man and let the women of your life feel proud about raising you this way.
  5. Remind her that she is important for you, that she inspires you. This is one little thing, that makes women feel confident and strong.
  6. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if all men focused on making the women around them feel safe. Don’t protect her, respect her, and the world will become a safer place.
  7. Don’t judge her for sleeping with more than one boy. It’s her choice and she has not given you the right to make a comment on her choices.
  8. Fight for the rights of your sister and let her feel proud of having an understanding brother. What’s wrong for her is wrong for you too.
  9. Let your wives and mothers participate equally in family decisions. She is no less than a family member and her thought process matters.
  10. Give your girl her personal space. Be a boyfriend with whom she can share anything and everything.

Try being a gentleman, it gives happiness, to everyone!


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