Fashion Blunders We Commit Without Noticing

Fashion Blunders We Commit Without Noticing

It is the century of fashion, everyone wants to look good and fashionable. But not everyone can be a fashion freak, we ought to make mistakes and sometimes, blunders. There are a few fashion clichés you always thought are true. In an attempt to break through your boring fashion game, we are here with a few fashion tips and tricks all girls must know.

  1. Pair up two bold colors. It is not a bad idea to pair up a bold color with another bold. It would, however, enhance the skin complexion and make you look contemporary. Pair up a yellow purse with a green blouse and make heads turn as you step.
  2. A pair of fit jeans is better than a baggy one unless you want to look fat and short. Go for jeans that fit your skin or goes with your figure.
  3. Showing too much of your body. Extra exposing clothes does not make you look sexy but vulgar. This is the worst mistake a girl can ever make while choosing herself a dress.
  4. Denim over denim. Wearing denim over another denim is surely a very bad idea. Some fashion trends are better left untried if not sure about the outcome. All the denim look is one of them.
  5. Wearing all of the jewelry without pairing. It is not advisable to wear a lot of jewelry especially when it doesn’t pair with each other. A jewelry set is fine to do, but different sets worn at a time turns out to be a disaster.
  6. Say a no to oversize outfits until you want to hide your curves. An oversize outfit hides your curves and makes you look more skinny. Unless you want to hide behind those clothes, oversize is not a go-go.


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