Robert Downey Jr.: From a Drug Addict to Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr.: From a Drug Addict to Iron Man
Robert Downey Jr.

We all know Robert Downey Jr, if not this name, surely by the name of Tony Stark or Iron man. Yes, he is our favourite Avenger Superhero Iron Man. He turns 54 today and we all are in awe of his personality. Well, his best of life is known to many, but a few know the worst he has been through. On the day of his birthday let us take a tour to his exhilarating journey.

His journey began in the New York city in 1965, April 4. He was interested in acting since the early ages. He was directed towards the darkest days of his life by his own father. His father made him smoke a marijuana joint at the age of 6, which he continues to regret. 

Robert Downey Jr. as a kid

His debut movie, Pound in 1970 was at the age of 5, after which he never discontinued acting. With minor roles, he made his way to a lead role in The Pick-up Artist in 1987, which was a romantic comedy. He kept on receiving praises from all for his work and soon established himself as a critically acclaimed actor after Chaplin in 1992. He also received the Academy Award nomination and won British Academy of Film and Television Arts Award for Best Actor.

Robert Downey Jr. in Chaplin

He got married to actress/musician Deborah Falcone on May 29 in the same year. They had a son in two years but things started to fall apart because of his drug addiction. In the year 1996, he was booked for over speeding his Porsche, where he was found naked with cocaine, heroin and magnum. After a few more incidents, he was hauled to jail.

Robert Dawney Jr. with Deborah Falcone

He was again arrested on drugs and weapons charges in Palm Springs, California and was found with Cocaine in a wonder woman costume. He, however, continued working and receiving appreciation for his work like in Wonder Boys (2000). Making his way to the small screen, he gained tremendous fame. His role in Ally McBeal earned him Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award in 2001.

Robert Dawney Jr. at Screen Actors Guild Award

Soon he got fired by the producer owing to his links with substance abuse in Los Angeles. This also led to his divorce and he was left with no one and nothing. He struggled to find work, only when he made friends with Mel Gibson who was also his co-star Air America and found him work. The two stars are close friends since then.

Robert Dawney Jr. arrested

The life-changing moment came to his life when he fell in love with a pretty women Susan Levin on the sets of the thriller, Gothika. He chose love and life over drugs and changed himself drastically. He joined the Marvel in 2008 and brought to us the character Tony Stark and Superhero Iron Man. There was no looking back since then and his dedication and hard work took him to great heights.

Robert Dawney Jr. akka Iron Man

He is now one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood! We wish you a lifetime of success and a very Happy birthday.  


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