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6 Styles Tips For This Scorching Heat

Tensed by summer heat
Written by Tabish Alam

1. Wear it Right – Always remember while styling, never over do anything. Keep it simple, wear summery vibrant patterns and you are good to go.

2. Less is more – Never ever accessorize a lot. Try to make it simple so that you can carry it like a pro.

3.Don’t Cake up – Always wear less makeup in summer so that it doesn’t look cakey, don’t forget to wear sunscreen.

4. Cover up – No matter what the situation is never leave your house before covering yourself, you can use gloves, stoles and scarfs.

5.Hydration – Always used water based products for natural glow and drink as much water as you can for hydrating your body.

6.Don’t forget to spray – No one wants to be around someone with bad body odour, spray some cool deodorants to stay attractive.


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