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Borrow Humans As a Living Book: Human Library

Written by Komal

Instead of judging the book by its cover, meet the living book to get a better idea.

The concept of Human Library is new to India. The first Human Library  event in India was held at Indore in 2016 at the IIM Indore campus.

The concept of the Human Library  was first introduced in Denmark in the year 2000 when Ronni Abergel , along with his brother and colleagues – all part of a youth movement named Stop the Violence – nurtured this concept. The aim was to utilize “human books” and the human experience. Ever since Australia has become the first country to have a permanent human library. At present 70 countries in world have Human Library.

What is Human Library

This unique concept allows you to borrow a ‘human book’, ask any number of questions to that would help dispel misconceptions, provide more information and provide participants with better knowledge of a subject or idea.
Human Library is a platform that gives people, who are human books, an opportunity to talk about the issue they represent on an interpersonal level with the readers. At the same time, it also gives the reader an opportunity to be more accepting and understanding.
Anyone can volunteer themselves as a ‘book’ need to make their experiences open and available while readers are encouraged to ask hard questions and expect candid answers in return. It is a place to bridge the gap between people both inside and outside the ring of prejudices – be it body image, abuse, mental disorders, sexuality, faith or lifestyle.
Reading a book is always a one sided a conversation, but through a Human Library you can get into a one-on-one conversation, you tend to be more accepting of opposing opinions and viewpoints, more willing to discuss rather than dismiss. Sharing stories can be emotionally overwhelming for the narrators.
How does a Human Library work
Human Library is a library where you can borrow humans as a living book, listen to their stories, and interact with them. One can borrow each book for 30 minutes and have a one-on-one conversation and learn about their experiences.
Both the books and the readers have something new to learn from the experience. While the human books find it as a way to express themselves, the readers get to look at society from a broader perspective.
How is Human Library Different from a Traditional Library
What is most encouraging about the human library is that it allows the readers the space to directly confront their prejudices by choosing a subject they don’t understand. Through listening to the experiences of the books, the reader is able to connect to its subjects in a deeply personal way because these books say a lot more inside than their cover outside.
The best thing about a Human Library, is its dialogues. The dialogues always leaves a lasting effect on the readers.

The concept of ‘Human Library’ is about to make its way to Delhi on June 18 which will allow readers to borrow real people and learn from their life experiences over a 30-minute meaningful conversation.

Delhi will be the 4th city to host human library community in India after Indore, Hyderabad & Mumbai.


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