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This Twogether Studio, Based in Delhi, is Taking Wedding Photography to Another Level!

Written by Puja Agrawal
Gone are the days when photographs of a wedding were taken just for oneself. The definition of wedding photography has outgrown in recent days. A wedding without a pre-wedding and a post-wedding shoot is incomplete. The number of photographs taken at an average wedding is staggering.
This Delhi based couple amongst the pioneers of the Indian Wedding Photography genre is one of the first husband-wife driven wedding photographers in the country. Specialized in an off-beat and candid style of wedding photography, their pictures are mind boggling.
Wedding rituals by Twogether studios
Oh, and not only the couple but also the bride’s attire can be a very attractive subject. See for yourself!
Wedding photography by Twogether studios
wedding photography twogether photography

Know more about Twogether Studios here.

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